We could go a long way explaining a thousand things about the Tasmania workshop, the first thing would be to explain that we do not call ourselves as the beautiful island of Tasmania, but we are anvil maniacs, a basic tool to practice artisan jewelry (Tas in Catalan and Spanish). Many years ago we decided that our hobby would be our name, and that is why we are called Tas mania.

We could also explain that Tasmania is a workshop open to the public, with a small store where we sell jewelry, all beautiful, that we make by hand.
The truth is that it is a beautiful space, full of tools everywhere, some very old, workbenches from different eras, antique manual and electric rolling mill, or oak logs with all kinds of anvils distributed throughout the workshop.
With a studiously chaotic decoration, wooden furniture, some carpet, a table with some beautiful Gaudí-inspired chairs, and a sofa with a ceiling lamp made from bottles of fabric softener.
The perfumes of the incense that we burn, the scent of wood mixed with the smells that the blowtorch makes.
Discreet lighting, with small points of light scattered everywhere, some illuminating the paintings of our friend Sagi, the photographs of Marilyn Monroe or Andy Warhol, and above all, especially, the good music always playing through the six speakers in the workshop. The result of all this is a warm space, pleasant in every way and very welcoming.

Perhaps we would also add that this is the workshop of Jordi Sánchez, a craftsman from Cardedeu who has been designing and making jewelry for more than thirty years.
You will always find him there, with his inseparable apron on, with dirty fingers, filing, sawing, turning the crank of the machines or working with the hammers making textures to the metals, and always waiting for the bell to ring, to show you the jewelry he makes, give you a talk that is normally too long, as Marga, Amadeu and Jordina would say, about the jewelery trade or advise you on how to make the special piece you want to make.

But the description that we like the most is the one that our friend Pitu wrote many years ago, and that says:

We like people who sing.
The ones who write, the ones who create garden...
In Tasmania we make jewelry.
It is our means of expression.
We also like to exhibit the work of other artists
and invite them to sing, to write
or plant flowers in the Tasmanian garden.