We like people who sing.
Those who write, those who create gardens...
In Tasmania we make jewellery.
It is our means of expression.
We also like to exhibit the works of other artists
and invite them to sing, write
or plant flowers in the Tasmanian garden.

Corcovado Collection

  • Ethical jewelry

    We have always worked to implement the use of good practices in the exercise of our profession. Recycling, reusing and minimizing our ecological footprint as much as possible are part of our philosophy. We work with suppliers of metals and stones who guarantee us the ethical provenance of their products.

  • shipments

    We make shipments to the countries of the European Union and Andorra. For shipments to other countries, contact us.


    You will find us at Corró 21.

    08401 Granollers.

    Telephone and whatsapp +34 93 879 21 66

    Mail: taller@tasmania.cat

  • We accept payment with BTC Bitcoin and ETH Ethereum. We work with the payment gateway company Coinbase.< /p>

    It's easy for you, when you go to pay for your purchase, choose this payment system.