In this online store, you can
buy the pieces from our small collections, they are the jewels that
we usually have in our physical store.

Some of the gems you can
buy here we have them in stock, and therefore, we can send them to you
immediately, but remember that Tasmania is an artisan jewelry workshop, all the jewelry you see in this store is handmade one by one.

Our way of working and
of understanding jewellery, means that every time we repeat a piece we don't make an exact copy of the previous one. In this workshop we don't like photocopies, or taking measurements of what we are creating, we like to work freely.

It is clear that when we repeat one
jewel of a collection, the result is an equal and very similar piece, but here we do craftsmanship, and this is one of the values ​​of our jewelry.

The usual delivery time for out of stock jewelery is 15-20 days, but if we can send the jewelery to you within a few days we will.

We want you to enjoy your purchase as soon as possible!