In the Tasmania workshop we design and make the jewelry we have for sale in the workshop store. We do not make a large production, we just make small collections that we evolve according to the possibilities of each design.

We also make unique pieces, these are jewels that we do not always have for sale in the store, designs that we consider should not become a collection and that we may not do again to maintain their exclusivity. If it is true that sometimes these unique pieces have inspired us to make a small limited series, some of the workshop collections have started with a single piece.

One of our specialties is making jewelry to order, a job where we are very comfortable, we have done it for many years and we like it. We tell you more about how we make a custom jewel here.

As much as possible, we also like to organize small art-related activities, almost always spontaneous. Exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, book presentations or small music concerts.