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Taller Tasmania

Triple green. Necklace from the 80 collection

Triple green. Necklace from the 80 collection

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80It is our collection of colored stone necklaces. 
We look for the stones that we like the most and we assemble them our way. The difficulty of finding many equal stones makes them all unique pieces, we only make one necklace of each model.

We usually work with tourmaline, quartz, onyx, chrysoprase, amazonite, garnet, coral, fluorite, moonstone, aquamarine and many more.

They are long necklaces, usually 80 centimeters, the 
mostThey do not have any type of closure, it goes through the head and that's it.

We can personalize a necklace to suit your needs, just tell us what color tones you need and we will make you a special necklace.

Explain what you would like, send us an email to or click here 938 792 166and we talk on WhatsApp.

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