Collection: Custom Jewelry

In addition to creating small collections for our store, in the workshop we are also specialized in making custom jewelry.

A type of work that we have been carrying out for years, and that we love because of the creative challenge it represents for us, but also because of the involvement of the person who does the commission.

Some of these pieces are made from recycled gold, jewelry that you no longer use and that you have stored in a box forgotten in time. We will disassemble and melt them, and with your own gold we will make your new jewel. Thus you also maintain the sentimental value, you do not destroy only transform.

The usual process is that you tell us what type of piece you would like, ring, earring, pendant, etc. You tell us about the person who will receive the gift, their way of being, their hobbies, a favorite color, one thing that unites you, any detail can inspire a jewel made to order, a jewel of great added value.

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